What is Prokeycoach ?

Thanks to this new approach,  you will learn the hockey secrets and your hockey secrets. You will improve your game on and off the ice. Learning from the best in the game who have the same profile like you.


We help you to find and master the KEYS to your game. Helping each individual player will also make your team better!


Each player has its own profile, its own motricity and own needs. But still clubs and skills coaches have the same training methods for everybody. Listen to your body, not anybody! It is so important to understand your strengths and learn how to use them in the game!

Eligibility (player)

This approach is for every professional player, semi-pro player or junior player starting at the age of 15. Junior players need to have the goal to become professional to benefit from this coaching.


We establish your profile, analyse your game and make an assessment of your play. Candidate to get a taylor made programm for you!


You learn from the best thanks to our personalized web app.


We have services for players and for teams.

Benoît Pont

After his career as a professional hockey player in the swiss 1st division, Benoit Pont was responsible for the coaches education in Switzerland for 10 years. He still belongs since 10 years to the coaching staff of the Swiss Men national team as an assistant (analyst, scouting, video coaching) of Patrick Fischer. Beni Pont: “As a hockey player, I have dreamed all my career to be coached individually, to share the secrets of the game with a mentor, who would watch my games and help me to get better. I created prokeycoach to give this opportunity to every player who wants to work on his game to fillfull his potential.

Candidate and get a taylor made offer for you!